PMD Pro: a growing network

“PMD Pro came to Brazil in 2011, when 35 of us attended a training event in Recife,” says Liziane Silva, founder and CEO of INK, a social enterprise that supports social enterprises to deliver and maximize their impact. “We were trained by LINGOs as part of a wider project called Project Management for NGOs in Latin America (GEPAL), funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).”



Participants at a PMD Pro training event.

“Those of us who had achieved over 80% accuracy in the certification exam took additional training in Panama so that we could return to our countries and replicate the training,” says Liziane. “PMD Pro fitted well with our values and we recognised it as a practical methodology for social organizations to gain efficiency and have more impact” she says.


Participant at a PMD Pro training event.


INK delivers online and face-to-face training throughout Brazil. The online process uses ‘Blackboard’ as a platform that allows participants and a faciliator to interact as if they are in a classroom. Since 2012, INK has also delivered face-to-face training for people and organisations in PMD Pro, working with the biggest social sector trainer in Brazil, Diálogo Social.


In the words of one course participant: “I appreciated being able to see an entire work experience (my own) systematized, reasoned, complemented, expanded. It was interesting to see how much do I actually know and, above all, how much I do not know. In general, I felt very motivated to deepen this line of study.”


“Our network of five senior trainers are specialists in social development and project management,” says Liziane. “All are certified as achieving over 80% in PMD Pro 1 and PMD Pro 2 certification. This year we are also training another seven facilitators so that we can extend our network.”


Participants at a PMD Pro training event.


“We have trained over 1000 people from more than 400 organizations in Brazil,” she continues. “And of these, 576 took the PMD Pro exam, with 414 being approved as trainers. INK is responsible for approximately 90% of all national certifications”.


Participants at a PMD Pro training event.

“Of the 238 people who responded our evaluation of online training, 93% said that the PMD Pro tools were excellent or above average, 85% considered that there is clarity of methodology of connection with their work, 92% say that the methodology has brought new knowledge to social project management and 94% of respondents evaluate the course content as excellent or above average”.


“We are improving our teaching methods and doing new training initiatives every month,” finishes Liziane. “At least four of these are face-to-face, and we want to extend this to six courses a year, each with at least 50 participants.”